Theresa Pringle

New Jersey DCA Advisory Board

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12:00 am
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2023 Spring Conference

The theme this year is “Connecting for Change.” The conference will be held April 3 - 5, 2023, in Phoenix, AZ.

My name is Theresa Pringle, known as Ms. Pringle. I have certifications, received awards, and have news articles relating to and about me on various areas of homelessness, but that’s not important. What is most important for you to know about me is that through the many trials and tribulations of various levels of homelessness seen and unseen and closed doors that come with the title of residents without addresses I have made a forever commitment to fight. I fight through advocacy, hands-on service, and the generation of proactive solutions for those individuals and families without a lease and key with their names on it to be the voice of service through opportunities like these a real time chance for folk to get on their feet and stay on their feet. Ms. Pringle - The Janet Jackson of homeless prevention and housing stability, “What have you done for me lately?”

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